Dark Seas Tech Custom Computer


Only Phanteks cases includes RGB Fans. They can be added to any other cases.

7000 Series CPUs require DDR5 and 600 Series Motherboard.

If you choose “No GPU” you must have a G series or 7000 series CPU.

DDR5 is only available and required with Ryzen 7000.

X670 or B650 is only available and required for Ryzen 7000.

3060 and above require at a least a 750w.
3080 and above requires a 1000w.
4090 Requires at least a 1200w.

We can custom engrave your gamertag, name, or even favorite sports team logo. We will email final design for your approval.

Upload and image if you want a custom design or logo engraved into the glass.

(max file size 256 MB)

Product Description

Computers built and customized by Dark Seas, engraving, and woodwork done by Havoly.