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Conservation and Non-Profits

We’ve partnered with two organizations, the Rare & Endangered Speices Trust (REST) and Conservationists Raising Awareness for Species & Habitats (CRASH). A quarter of all sales go directly to them. Get cool stuff & support wildlife…It’s a WIN/WIN

How does it work?

We’ve designed a range of products for each organization. For every purchase of a REST or CRASH product, 25% of the sale goes directly to the applicable organization.

Global Conservation Force

Known for it’s strong ground patrol presence and anti-poaching units, The Global Conservation Force works hard to keep endangered animals such as rhinos, elephants and giraffes alive. They also raise awareness and educate students and communities on the current wildlife crisis.

Conservationists Raising Awareness for Species & Habitats

CRASH focuses on making the world a more sustainable place for both endangered species and their habitats. They diligently work to establish a rescue and research facility in Namibia. Their core values includ working to establish legitimate, trustworthy connections with other facilities around the world doing groundbreaking work for endangered species.