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Shipping Policies

What do we ship?
We ship all items available for sale on this website.

When do we ship?
Our items typically ship within 2-5 business days, with the exception of custom orders which may take up to a week longer. During wedding season (July, August and September) and the holiday season (December) we see a large increase in orders which can also delay when we ship up to a week.  We are very aware of wedding and event dates, and when we have multiple orders, we often prioritize them according to which event is coming the soonest.  We have never had a late shipment and if you need something rushed, just let us know and we can accommodate.

Where do we ship to?
We ship to all of the United States and Canada.  We can also ship globally, but you must first contact us to discuss pricing.

How do we ship?
We typically ship using USPS but we may use FedEx or UPS depending on pricing and availability,

Rates to ship?
Shipping rates are based on averages for locations and typical box sizes and weights.

How to track an order that’s been shipped?
After the items are shipped a tracking number is sent to the purchasers email address and the shipment can then be tracked online.

In-store pick up option?
If you live in the area, the item can be picked up at the store and no shipping costs are added.