Heart Magnet


The more you get the bigger the discount.

Anything in parenthesis will be considered a symbol or icon. For example John (heart) Becky will have a heart shape engraved.

Product Description

These engraved on wood magnets, ornaments or pins (you choose) say whatever you desire. A great way to remember a significant day or as a gift to let someone know you’re thinking about them.

Choose any font from the second picture, or choose your own font of your liking. fonts.google.com has a great selection as well as dafont.com. As long as it’s free for me to download, I will use it.

I use strong neodymium magnets, which easily hold thick papers on the fridge.

Each heart is about 3 inches tall and wide.

If you’re looking for another shape, shoot me a message or request customization.

If you change the amount on the right hand drop down, the price of each drops as your amount increases. The amount dropdown, however, is for one design. If you want multiple heart magnets which say something different, you’ll have to change the quantity.