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Family Tree Ornament


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Product Description

These charming personalized wooden family tree ornaments are begging to be hung up on display as part of your décor. They’re perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree, in your car, or around your house. They also make a great gift the recipient is certain to adore.

These wooden name ornaments are cut from quality 1/4″ maple wood. They are always personalized and custom made with the names you provide.

In the Cutout/Family Name personalization text box

Write the text for the cutout section of the ornament, IN ALL CAPS. This is typically the family’s last name or simply “FAMILY” but this can be whatever you’d like, as long as it’s under 16 characters. We capitalize all of the letters for this part of the design.

In the Names for Engravings personalization text box

Write the names we’ll be engraving in the upper portion of the tree separated by commas. The design changes for each name you add so there will never just be empty spaces. You can include up to 10 names, which includes pet names. For pet names, include what kind of animal it is in parenthesis after the name; we will engrave something like a paw print near the pet’s name. The names should be written in order of how they will appear on the ornament, reading from upper left to bottom right. For example, in the main image with “FAMILY” as the cutout, this would be written: Michelle, Joe, Harper, Savanna, Otto (cat), Otis (dog) We can also engrave other simple animal shapes such as birds, lizards, etc.

If you don’t want 2022 engraved in the lower right hand corner, write [no 2022], or [2020] if you’re like us to put a different date in this spot.

If you’d like more than 8 names engraved, we can do that for $2 per each additional name. For example, if you want 14 names engraved, which is 6 more than 8, it would be an additional $12. Include the names and place your order, we will reach out to you about the payment for the additional charge if this is the case.

They are about 4.5″ wide, 5″ tall and 1/4″ thick. A tung oil finish is added to the ornament. It does not alter the color of the wood, it brings out the wood’s natural color. It also comes with twine string attached for hanging.

All wood is different; some pieces have lighter and darker areas throughout them, while others have no variation in color at all. Your ornament may be slightly lighter or darker than those pictured. You’ll never get an ornament with a knot in it.

These not only look great on your tree; you can also hang them in your car, office, or elsewhere, as a reminder of your love. It will bring you and your loved ones enjoyment for a lifetime.


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