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Wholesale Cape Cod Magnets


Made with strong neodymium magnets.

Minimum order is 25 magnets.

Item gets shipped in 1-3 business days

There are two versions of this magnet, one is regular engraved and the other is reverse engraved.

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Product Description

These stylish wooden magnets are an appealing small item that’s great for re-sale. Each are engraved and cut from quality 1/4″ thick maple ply and measure about 3″ wide and tall. A strong neodymium magnet is attached on the back with epoxy.

There are two different styles of magnets (pictured)

  • Style A has the outline of cape cod and locations within it engraved
  • Style B is reverse engraved where the locations protrude out and surrounding areas are engraved

Choose to get all of the same style, or an even mix of the two.

These are sold at a wholesale price. The minimum order is 25 magnets.


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