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Puzzle Box


Please Include:
Puzzle type (Tree, Heart, State, Dog, etc.)
-if tree: Textured or Untextured Trunk
Bordered or Unbordered
Thickness of Wood (3/16″ or 1/4″)
example: North Dakota Without Border 3/16″

The size of the boxes vary and can hold a different amount of pieces. Base your choice on how many pieces your puzzle is.

What would you like engraved on the upper portion of the box lid and in which font? We always include the type of puzzle on the bottom (for example: Wooden State Puzzle) if you don’t want this, please include “Nothing on Bottom of Lid” here

What would you like engraved on the personalized piece and in which font? You may want to use the same wording as the one used in your puzzle but in a different font. Anything in parenthesis will be considered an image or icon.

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Product Description

A custom-made wooden box is the perfect way to safely store your puzzle pieces when you are not actively working on the puzzle. Made from high-quality maple wood, these boxes are designed to keep your pieces in pristine condition.

We personalize the lid of the puzzle with any text and font you want. This is often names and a date for a wedding. People also go with “Our Wedding Puzzle” or “Celebrating 50 Years” We can pretty much engrave whatever you want on the upper portion of the lid and we format it to look best.

The bottom portion of the lid we engrave with the style of puzzle the box holds. For example “Wooden Oklahoma Puzzle” or “Wooden Tree Puzzle” If you don’t want us to include this, write “no text on bottom of lid” in the personalization box.

The lid also holds the same size personalized piece that fits in your puzzle. This is also personalized with the text and font you want. Often it’s the same name and date used with your puzzle in a different font. Again, this can be any text as long as it fits.


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