Clever Graduation Guestbook Ideas 2023

Graduation Party Guest Book Personalization
Graduation is an exciting time for students, family and friends to come together to celebrate the milestone of completing school. Capturing precious memories and messages of love and support in a guest book is one way to commemorate this important occasion. With new and unique ideas for graduation guest books, the 2023 season is sure to bring a special touch to this tradition by offering a variety of options to branch out from the traditional pen-and-paper guestbook. For example, thoughtful message jars allow guests to drop anonymous notes of love and support into a jar which can be read and reread throughout the years. On the other side of the spectrum, interactive photo booths allow for capturing special memories with friends and family in photos from the day along with writing messages to commemorate the party. If you prefer a more traditional approach, creative scrapbooks include drawings, paintings, and writings on pages that can be personalized with pictures or other memorabilia from the event.

How to make your graduation party stand out

Thoughtful message jars are a fun and creative way to capture the love and support of family, friends, and colleagues at graduation events. Guests can drop written messages into the jar that can be reread over the years as the graduate looks back on their special day. This is an interactive activity that facilitates meaningful conversations between those who attend. Benefits of using a message jar include preserving memories in a tangible way while also offering hope, inspiration, and motivation to the guest of honor in their future endeavors. To create a message jar, choose a decorative container with a lid where guests can drop notes with pens or markers during graduation festivities. Examples of messages to put in the jar might include congratulations for all their hard work, words of encouragement, and wishes for the future. plain wooden graduation book being signed

If the written word is not your thing, interactive photo booths are an exciting way to capture lasting memories from graduation events. Guests can take fun photos with props or masks while also writing special messages on posters or boards as part of their memory-making experience from the day. Benefits of using a photo booth include providing an outlet for creativity and allowing guests to express themselves in meaningful ways. To create a photo booth, choose an area in open space and provide props such as masks, hats, or other fun items for guests to use in the photos.

Creative scrapbooks are a great way to capture memories from graduation events in a unique and lasting way. Guests can draw, paint, or write on pages that can be personalized with pictures from the event, favorite quotes, and other memorabilia. Benefits of using a scrapbook include providing guests with an outlet for their creativity and honoring the graduate’s special milestone. To create a scrapbook for the 2023 graduation season, select quality paper and choose colors that complement the graduate’s school colors. Examples of items to include might be autographs from family members or friends, notes written by those attending the party, images captured during the festivities or other mementos such as movie tickets or ribbons. However, the major drawback to a creative scrapbook is the amount of time and energy needed beforehand to ensure it looks personal and unique. For those looking for a handmade alternative to making a scrapbook themselves, Havoly offers a variety of products perfect for the occasion, including cutout graduation guestbooks and ‘caps off’ graduation guestbooks.

The ‘Caps Off’ Guestbook by Havoly is larger than life

Caps Off Grad Cap Guest Book

The ‘caps off’ graduation guestbook is an exciting and creative way to capture memories from the 2023 graduation season. This large wooden cap features many removable pieces with room for special messages from friends, family, or teachers. It also features a customizable border to be adorned with your name and graduating class, or any other personally important phrase. To use the caps off guestbook, provide guests with gel pens so they can write words of encouragement or notes wishing success on future endeavors. Examples of messages to include might be congratulatory messages for hard work and dedication, advice for navigating adulthood, and stories about shared memories between the guest and the graduate. The ‘caps off’ graduation guestbook is sure to be a treasured memento that the graduate can cherish for years to come!

The Cutout Guestbook by Havoly lets you take your home on the road

personalized state cutout guest book painted sky blue on display

The cutout graduation guestbook is an innovative way to capture memories from the 2023 graduation season in style. This unique and customizable piece is composed of laser-cut plywood cut into the shape of your choosing, featuring a large open space that guests can write messages on directly, as well as a customizable border to feature words of your choosing. This guestbook is not solely for graduations, as we offer a variety of shapes ranging from the grad cap to any state in the union.grad cap cutout guest book painted and signed on display Benefits of using this guestbook alternative include providing lots of room for guests to share their stories and advice, while also allowing the graduate to capture memories from the special day in one place. The wider surface area of the cutout guestbook allows for messages to be shared in a longer format, providing more room for deeper and more intimate stories and memories shared between the graduate and the guest.


The Throwin’ Caps Guestbook puts your memories on display

Drop in slitMain Graduation Drop Top PicThe ‘throwin caps’ droptop guestbook is an interactive and fun way to capture memories from the 2023 graduation season. This unique piece features a shadowbox with a hand-painted backdrop, along with many removable pieces that guests can write messages on directly, turning it into a game as they drop their message pieces into the open top of the box. Benefits of using this guestbook alternative include providing guests with an interactive experience as they share their messages for the graduate, while also allowing them to honor the graduate’s accomplishments in a tangible way. To use the ‘cap toss’ guestbook, provide guests with markers and supplies so they can write meaningful messages for the graduate.

The Puzzle Guestbook lets you relive your special day over and over!

The puzzle guestbook by Havoly is the perfect way to commemorate your special day with loved ones. It comes in the shape of a large graduation cap with each piece featuring a unique design that can be adorned with well-wishes, messages of congrats, or anything else your guests might choose! The cutout border of the cap can also be customized with the name of the graduate, their school and graduation year, or any other pertinent information. Once put together, the full puzzle creates an image of a jumbo graduation cap that will be cherished for years to come. With Havoly’s Puzzle Graduation Guestbook, everyone can join in the festivities and add their piece to the tapestry of memories. Enjoy this special time and celebrate in style – with Havoly’s Puzzle Graduation Guestbook. We know it will make a lasting impression on everyone present.

By exploring these three clever ideas – message jars, interactive photo booths and creative scrapbooks – families and friends of the graduate can find ways to celebrate their special day. It’s important to take each idea into consideration for its benefits and how it can help create everlasting memories. Each one can be personalized in order to make the graduation more meaningful, memorable and enjoyable. To that end, Havoly has created a variety of clever and creative graduation guestbook alternatives for the 2023 season, allowing graduates to capture memories from the special day in a unique way. From the ‘cap toss’ droptop guestbook to the cutout graduation guestbook, these customizable pieces provide guests with an interactive experience as they share their messages for the graduate and honor their accomplishments. With Havoly’s new guestbooks, your 2023 grad will have a lasting memory that they can cherish forever!


5 Personalized Graduation Guestbook Ideas

5 Personalized Graduation Guest Book Ideas

Graduating from a school or program is a momentous occasion which marks the end of one journey and the start of another. To commemorate this milestone, many graduates and their families gather together and celebrate one’s achievements. A graduation party often includes such staples as music, food, decorations, and gifts—but what truly preserves these cherished moments is the guest book.

A graduation guest book serves several purposes: It provides a place for guests to write their well-wishes, signatures of congratulations, advice for the future graduate, or simply provide a way to remember who was there that day. Moreover, it can be kept as a lasting memento of an important life event and those you are closest to who helped you along the way. You want something that lasts and is unique, certainly not a boring and banal guest book.

That’s why Havoly has created an innovative line of premium graduation guest book alternatives designed to make this milestone celebration even more special. Our customizable selection features modern, stylish designs and high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. All of Havoly’s graduation guest books come in different sizes, accommodating grad parties both big and small. Whether you’re graduating nursing school, finishing up a college degree, or earning your high school diploma, we have something for everyone.

Our ‘Throwing Caps’ Graduation Droptop Guest Book Alternative


Drop-in-slit-1-scaled -Personalized ‘Tossing Caps’ Graduation Drop Top Guest Book

Personalized ‘Tossing Caps’ Graduation Drop Top Guest Book

It’s one of our most popular graduation products—and it’s easy to see why! This unique shadow box frame with a glass front allows guests to write messages of congratulations & scribble their signatures on the “cap pieces” and drop them into the frame. This encapsulates the fond memories within the frame forever.

By customizing it with your name, graduation year, and where you graduated from, you make it a one of a kind piece, personalized and tailored to you. Opt for the background to be painted with a solid color, such as your school’s color. Or go with the default picture-perfect painted backdrop of warm yellows, oranges, and reds and walk into the sunset.

Which ever way you decide to customize it, The ‘Throwing Caps’ Drop Box Guest Book is a great way to ensure that the messages left by your guests are remembered for a long time.

The Grad Cap Cutout Graduation Guest book

graduation cap cutout class of 2023 signed

Graduation Guest Book Alternatives


Here’s another must-have product that’s completely different than the drop top. The piece is more lightweight and offers more open space for guests to write their well-wishes. The wooden cutout can be painted any color you wish, or leave it untouched & go with the natural wood look, both are great choices.

Of course, it includes personalized text (typically a name), which is added to the cap with laser cut lettering. This makes the grad cap cutout uniquely yours in a minimalist yet modern and sleek way.

Choose the text, add some color, pick the right size, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind personalized keepsake that will last forever.

The Graduation Cap Puzzle Guest Book

The graduation cap puzzlebook is a large wooden puzzle in the shape of a graduation cap featuring many pieces that provide the perfect canvas for guests to write on. Each piece can be personalized however the guests see fit.

Once assembled, the puzzle will look like a traditional graduation cap. The tasteful border allows you to complete the look with your name and year of graduation. Guests can sign on each individual piece, creating a unique way to remember all of your special memories.

This unique guest book is both functional & beautiful – it’s perfect for any grad party! Not only does it provide an interactive experience as guests assemble the puzzle, but it also serves as a wonderful keepsake to remember your special day, offering the chance to rebuild over and over again years down the road.

The State Cutout Guest Book

personalized state cutout guest book painted sky blue on display

Graduation Guest Book Alternatives

This is one of our newest additions and it’s perfect for a summer graduation bash. While not being exclusively made for graduations, the state cutout guest book is still a great choice. It has a modern look, featuring the cutout shape of any US state with personalized text added to the design before being laser cut. It’s certainly a unique way to capture signatures that will be totally one-of-a-kind.

Not to mention, the state cutout guest book is a great way to commemorate your graduation from a certain state or university. We also cut a small star shape within the state wherever you desire, adding to its uniqueness.

Choose the state, where within it for the star cutout, the name added to the design, and include a color if you want it painted. No matter what you choose, the state cutout guest book will be a beautiful, lasting reminder of your graduation day.

Havoly’s ‘Caps-Off’ Graduation Guestbook

Graduation guestbook pieces signed class of 2023 celebration

Graduation Guest Book Alternatives

Last but not least, the ‘Caps Off’ Guest Book Alternative features several small graduation caps that are placed on top of a larger cap, and they fit perfectly into their designated cutouts. Let the guests choose one of the six styles of grad caps to sign and then figure out where it fits. It’s a fun way to collect signatures that gets the guests involved.

With Caps-Off, you and your guests can take part in a unique and interactive experience that will make your graduation even more memorable.

These are just some of Havoly’s unique and modern graduation guest books. Each one is made with quality materials and features customizable elements so that you can make a personalized keepsake for your special day.

At Havoly, we’re dedicated to providing the highest-quality and unique guest book alternatives for your special occasion. With our customizable options, you can create a unique and lasting keepsake that will serve as a reminder of this important life event for years to come. Celebrate your momentous milestone in style with one of our graduation guestbooks! Shop now and make memories that will last a lifetime.